Do not lose toilet paper in public toilets

There are stickers "Throw the toilet", there are stickers "Don't throw the toilet", and both are stickers in the same toilet. [Reporter Xie Wuxiong/Taoyuan Report] Taoyuan City Councillor Xie Meiying locked the topic of "public toilets" during the Council’s regular meetings with the General Council yesterday. For example, three female toilets in Qingtangyuan public toilets in Zhongli District had stickers proclaiming "toilet paper thrown away from the toilet." However, the parent-child toilet posted "don't throw toilet paper in the toilet",,making parents and children wonder "should you throw it away or not?" The urinal in the men's toilet is set on the outer wall, and only the hollow grille fence is used, which makes the passing women feel very uncomfortable, and the men who go to the toilet feel strange. Municipal Works Director Lai Yuting said in response to the inquiry that public toilets will continue to promote the policy of "discarding toilet paper", and the problem of exposed urinals in men's toilets will be reviewed and improved.

Works Bureau: Continue to promote the use of toilet paper

Jiang Zhinan, Section Chief of the Park and Green Space Section of the Municipal Maintenance Engineering Office, said that the commercially available toilet paper is made of 0.4 cm short fiber pulp, which quickly decomposes in water and will not block the toilet; most facial tissues and tissues are long fibers, which are not easy to decompose when exposed to water. Entering the toilet is easy to cause obstruction. Therefore, the Environmental Protection Agency has promoted the "toilet paper thrown away" policy since 2017, and the city government has also cooperated.

The exposed urinal in men's toilet will improve

Jiang Zhinan also mentioned that since the city’s sewage sewer penetration rate is not as high as 20%, most of the traditional septic tanks are used, so it is recommended that "a small amount of soluble toilet paper can be thrown away in the toilet." Under normal household use, most of it meets the definition of small amount. If you change the location, increase the settings, or are too old, it is easier to jam when thrown into the toilet paper, you can evaluate whether to comply with the policy.

Lai Yuting said that the exposed part of the urinal area of ​​the men’s toilet in Qingtang Garden will be discussed and improved with the Maintenance Office; in addition, Qingpu, Zhonglu, Jingguo, Caoluo, Dayuan Passenger Transport Park and other five rezoned parks will be rezoned. The work office is responsible for the maintenance, and the rest of the parks are maintained by the district offices, and the public office’s park management units will be reported to the public office to request improvements.

Xie Meiying named the women's toilet in Zhongli Art Park in the same room, and posted "toilet paper to throw away the toilet" and "toilet paper don't throw away the toilet" notice. Is it to let the people play freely? The newly established Qingpu Public Seven Park public toilet does not even have a "toilet paper throwing toilet" notice. It is recommended that the city government make stickers of the same specifications and content for public toilets and post them in the toilets to make them clear to the public.


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