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Ditch cleaning project

Ditch is an important pipeline for daily drainage (sewage pipelines, underdrains, box culverts, sewer clearing, drainage ditches, open ditches, culverts, etc. can all be called ditches), which can be seen everywhere on the road, and are most easily overlooked and become Environmentally clean dead end. Whether it is an apartment home, community building, business storefront, office building, etc., it is necessary to regularly confirm whether the drainage ditch or the underdrain of the home or building is smooth and free of sediment, and it is recommended to clean the ditch regularly. As the main drainage channel, the most common deposits of waste, branches, waste soil, sand and gravel, cement, and asphalt. These heavy objects cannot be taken away by the waste water, and they may accumulate more and more. If it is not cleaned regularly, it is most likely to cause heavy rain and flooding when a typhoon hits.

In addition, the drains outside the catering storefronts are prone to agglomeration of waste oil remaining on the walls of the drains, which may cause the drains to block over time. And once the ditch is not smooth, there will be the possibility of siltation of excrement, which will produce stench and even breed mosquitoes and bacteria in the long run, resulting in poor surrounding environment.


A complete gutter cleaning project requires professional equipment and technology. Evergreen Environmental Cleaning Society can effectively remove the dirt remaining on the gutter wall through high-pressure ditch cleaning vehicles. . When there is cement and asphalt remaining in the ditch due to nearby construction, it will be necessary to open the ditch cover for further work. Evergreen Environmental Cleaning Agency has more than 30 years of service experience and has been legally registered by the government, and has a special high-pressure ditch cleaning truck, which can quickly and effectively clean the gutter and keep the gutter unblocked. As long as you make a phone call, we will be there at any time 24 hours, day and night, regardless of the county or city, to provide complete services across the province, and leave it to the Evergreen Environmental Cleaning Agency for home service once OK. Do you still have some questions about Qingshuigou? Then let us solve your doubts professionally! Protect your environment.

Ditch dredging process


Gutter FAQ

Why do you need to clear the ditch regularly?

Many people dump kitchen waste, garbage, etc. into the gutter inadvertently, causing blockage and contamination of the gutter. Regularly asking a special person to clear the ditch can also avoid the breeding of mosquitoes and bacteria and maintain the cleanliness of the environment. Evergreen Environmental Cleaning Co., Ltd. has a professional ditch cleaning vehicle, which can effectively clean the ditch and improve the problems of easy flooding and foul odor during heavy rain.

What are the benefits of clear water ditch?

The ditch is the most important drainage system on the street. If the ditch is cleaned and maintained regularly, it can be quickly drained in case of a typhoon or torrential rain, and it can also save the people living on the first floor or low-lying areas. Worrying about the need to guard against heavy rain, effectively avoid flooding and other situations, but also avoid the breeding of mosquitoes in the ditch, and maintain the comfort of the environment.

When to clean the gutters

Twice a year, once a year in spring and fall, is the recommended amount and time to clean your gutters. However, in my neighborhood we have a lot of trees which means I have to do more than that. After a big storm or even just a few months of wind and rain, I'm there to clean them, if only to remove clogs from downspouts. And, in the fall alone, I got the leaves several times, and they were done a few times as well.


It's even more enjoyable to wait until your gutters are dry to clear them out. Otherwise, they'll suck, which makes them harder to unzip. It's also good to check the gutters before you expect a big storm. I'm sitting in the dining room watching the rain pour down the gutters and into the garden and foundations, which I can even avoid by doing a quick 10-minute sweep (even if it's just a spot near the downspout). It's best not to do too much chores to keep the Foundation safe.

Do not attempt to clean roof gutters. You're turning this kind of trifle into an unnecessarily dangerous proposition. A ladder would be your best bet. Make sure you're following ladder safety best practices; cleaning gutters is a simple task, but it can quickly go wrong if you're not paying attention. Perhaps most relevant to this particular chore: don't go outside the safe. It's easy to think that you can lean as far as possible toward your body, as that means less ladder movement, but remember to keep your waist between the rails. Don't misrepresent yourself trying to add inches to the distance; the risk isn't worth it. Since you're moving a lot of ladders on lawns and gardens that can be unstable, make sure you have steady or even standing feet; use a stain remover if needed.

To collect clutter (instead of littering it around your house), you can run a tarp under the gutters and move the ladder with it as you move it. If using a framed ladder, it's also easy to use a bucket with a handle that attaches to one of the built-in hooks on the top of most ladders.

Using a small garden spatula, or just your hands wearing a good pair of gloves, start digging out leaves and sediment from the sinkhole. In my experience, your hands are a better tool for the job. They're just more maneuverable around; it's much easier to loosen downspout blockages by hand than with a trowel.

When you've done as much safe cleaning as possible in one place, move the ladder down and repeat the process with all the gutter. Once you've got everything you can, use the hose to flush out the small debris, starting at the other end of the downspout. Let it run for a minute and make sure the water comes out of the nozzle cleanly. If it's just dripping, then you know there's a clog. In this case, run the high pressure hose straight through the downspout to remove it. <> If you're not a household handyman, there are several ways to alleviate this hassle entirely. Gutter Whiskers Other plug-in products just sit in the gutters and keep leaves and other trash from building up; they're expensive though. Mesh covers are much cheaper and just net the gutters. Another DIY option is a snap-on plastic cover, but you'll have to make sure your gutters are compatible before committing to buying the entire house. I'll explore these options in this fall's home maintenance list. Let me know if you have suggestions!


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