The toilet is blocked! The plumber smashed foreign objects and cleaned under high pressure, she sprayed 190,000 yuan per second

The home needs repairs, and I am most afraid that I don’t understand anything, but I’m being held back by a plumber!

A 60-year-old woman in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, discovered that the toilet in her home was clogged. Not only could the water not be flushed, she also flooded the toilet. She was so scared that she hurriedly called the operator to deal with it. Unexpectedly, the other party made a lot of waits. The list of repairs asked her for 700,000 yen (about NT$195,000) for repairs, which made her scared on the spot. According to the "FNN" report, she discovered that there was a problem with the toilet two weeks ago, so she called the maintenance company.

The other party arrived at the scene about an hour after receiving the call, and immediately began the inspection, and used the toilet suction cup to try to clear the toilet, and stated " If the toilet is open, there is no need to charge a service fee." The quick response and the friendly attitude made the woman quite satisfied. Unexpectedly, the worker checked for a while, but told her solemnly that the toilet was blocked very seriously and must be disassembled to deal with it.

Since it is too inconvenient to have a toilet, , and the woman does not understand water and electricity related knowledge, she agreed in a hurry. It is the beginning of a series of tragedies. The other party only informed her of the cost after dismantling the toilet, explaining that it included cleaning products, cost of labor, removing the toilet... and other items. The repair cost was 700,000 yen (about NT$195,000), although she was so expensive. Frightened, but there was no time to react at the moment, so I had to bite the bullet and pay the bill. However, the more she thought about it afterwards, the more things went wrong, she took the maintenance bill to consult with another company.

It turned out that in addition to the outrageous price of each item, the above-noted underground drainage pipe penetration, crushing and removal of foreign objects, and high-pressure cleaning were even more difficult. Nonsense, the industry bluntly said "there is no such project at all," and revealed that similar repairs are generally only priced at 15,000 yen (about NT$4,178). The woman may have encountered a black-hearted industry and was slaughtered as a fat sheep. .

Japanese legal expert Satoshi Mihira called for, before repairing things, it is best to actively ask about everything, inquire about the cost of each link, and it is best to check the market price in advance to avoid boring losses.


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