Shit is flushing into the toilet...I opened the toilet and saw "Mickey is swimming" and was mad!

Where is Mickey? I definitely can't trouble you! New Taipei City netizen Wu Yuru suddenly said "Shit is rolling" when he was at a friend's house that day, so he immediately rushed into the toilet to prepare for a wave of liberation. Unexpectedly, when she walked in and opened the toilet lid,, she was surprised to see a gray " "Mickey" was swimming inside, and it was desperately going upstream while looking at the exit, as if calling for help, but Yuan PO was already frightened by then, and he quickly asked a friend to help.

"When your shit is rolling... once you open the toilet lid...what do you do?" Yuan PO said, since a friend's house lives in an elevator building, it is speculated that the mouse might be stealing along the pipeline She climbed up, and she was totally frightened at the time, because she was actually super afraid of mice, but on this day she almost got in close contact with her, so she hurriedly called for help with her friend, and finally the other party picked up the mouse and caught it nearby. The grass was released.

After this video was PO to the Facebook community "Blame Commune", netizens watched it and joked, "Pull it down and send it on the road", "Flush and press it, give it a water park experience", "Poop a stool" Use it as driftwood", "Maybe he is good at cooking, let’s save it first?", "Incorporated and compiled, the mouse comes to treasure", "I feel so cute inexplicably haha", "Excuse me for swimming on vacation." , "Wow~ It's so hard to choose whether to kill or release", "It's all dung, stay!", "Say sorry to it, then go out and knock on the door."


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